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Help me understand you

I am preparing to welcome a new team member, and I am excited to reinforce my practice of effective 1:1s. The first few 1:1s with a new team member can feel awkward. In a way it is like a new relationship where both sides try to guess what the other person means to say and to avoid hurting feelings. Inspired by the amazing Lara Hogan, I learned to use the help-me-understand-you document to make the first few 1:1s effective.

Reflecting on my IC path, Part III

A little over two years into my Uber ride, I moved downstairs to join Stripe in January 2018. There I got to work with some of the most rigorous thinkers I have met, and embraced the largest shift in my professional career. In the third post, I share my learnings in reaching the next stage, and describe my considerations in making the engineering management transition.

Reflecting on my IC path, Part II

I left Microsoft to join Uber in October 2015. Applying the lessons from my Microsoft stint, I experienced accelerated growth at Uber’s Seattle office with the help of some amazing leaders and managers. In the second post, I continue to reflect on my journey there, and I am immensely grateful to everyone who guided me along the way.

Reflecting on my IC path, Part I

As an Engineering Manager, a big part of my job is to help engineers on my team pursue growth in their careers. Will Larson started to share stories of reaching Staff Engineers. I find the stories there impressively helpful in thinking about senior engineer roles and individual contributor roles in general. I would also like to reflect on my own IC path in case that is useful. In the first post, I am going to reflect on some early misbeliefs I had on leveling.

Do not get overwhelmed

Much has been said about why the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is so dangerous. It is now believed to be 10x more deadly than influenza, in terms of both hospitalization rate and mortality rate. But that is only part of the story. COVID-19 can quickly overwhelm the healthcare system, hence causing severe second-order effects. Tech debts can do the same harm to engineering teams. I have long been pondering the ways to avoid getting overwhelmed by tech debts. I do not have a playbook yet, but I have learned some promising ideas to share.